City of Aberdeen Distillery & Gin School

City of Aberdeen Distillery & Gin School

Gin Tours & Experiences in Aberdeenshire

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The City of Aberdeen Distillery & Gin School is the first distillery in Aberdeen City for over 80 years and is situated within a historic railway arch – right in the heart of the city.  It is independently owned and run by two friends.
The distillery offers a range of events including….
  • Discovery Tour £27 per person (£20 youth)
  • Gin Tasting Masterclass £59 per person
  • Gin School Experience £120 per person
All tours/classes/experiences start with a double G&T (alternative mixers available), are led by the Head Distiller and include a tasting of the full range of Aberdeen Gin expressions.
On the Discovery Tour / Gin School Experience you’ll also be invited to view the restricted production areas and learn how true Aberdeen Gin is distilled.
Following on from the tours there is an opportunity to browse the distillery shop, with a range of gifts, gins & bottle sizes to choose from.
The distillery is located just 5 minutes walk from the main shopping centre / transport hub (including train station).

City of Aberdeen Distillery & Gin School
Arch 10
Palmerston Road

12-midday to 5:30pm
12-midday to 6:30pm
12-midday to 5:00pm
12-midday to 5:30pm
12-midday to 5:30pm
Tours, classes and experiences operate between 10am and 10pm and should be booked in advance.

With a double G&T in hand, join us on a Discovery Tour and learn about Aberdeen’s lost distilling heritage, explore the distillery including the restricted production area, find out how you can make your own gin either at the distillery or at home, take part in a Q&A session with the head distiller and finally, enjoy a gin tasting from the range of true Aberdeen gins.

Soft drinks and alternative mixers e.g. lemonade, soda water, available on request.

  • Gin and Tonic on arrival
  • Introductory talk
  • Tour of the restricted area of the distillery
  • Q&A with the head distiller
  • Samples of our own genuinely small batch gins.
  • A wee goodie bag (including a 5cl miniature to take home)
  • Opportunity to browse the distillery shop

Following a welcome Gin & Tonic, join us on an exploration of individual botanicals though single distillates, training your palate to the flavours that make a classic gin. Use this knowledge in a tutored tasting of three distinctive styles of gin, concluding with a Gin & Tonic of your choice.

Alternative mixers e.g. lemonade, soda water, available on request.

  • Double Gin and Tonic on arrival
  • Talk on the different types of gin, the processes involved and what makes a gin…a gin
  • Taste a range of single distillates
  • Tutored Gin tasting by the head distiller of three distinctly different gins
  • Samples of our own genuinely small batch gins
  • A Gin & Tonic made from a preferred demi-john (traditional gin / fruit based gin)
  • Opportunity to browse the distillery shop

Become a Distiller and create your own gin in this 3 hour experience! Following a short talk and a tour of the facilities, choose from over 100 botanicals and distil your perfect bottle of gin using a beautiful copper alembic mini-still.

The group is led by the head distiller who is on hand to help you select the ideal botanicals and quantities for your unique gin recipe.

Finally, decide the strength, bottle and cap it, and label your own full sized 70cl bottle of gin – you’ll need a name for it too!

Double Gin & Tonic on arrival, drinks throughout, a chance to sample our range of demi-johns and celebrate becoming a distiller with a surprise cocktail.

Alternative mixers e.g. lemonade, soda water, available on request.

  • Double Gin and Tonic on arrival
  • Talk on the history gin
  • Discover Aberdeen’s rich distilling heritage
  • Tour of the restricted areas of the distillery
  • Introduction to the base botanicals that make up gin
  • Samples of our own genuinely small batch gins
  • Learn how to distil your own gin
  • Design your own gin assisted by the head distiller
  • Choose from over 100 botanicals in our botanical garden, including fresh citrus
  • Distil your own gin on a beautiful copper alembic mini-still
  • Choose the strength of your gin
  • Decorate and cap your gin
  • Take home a 70cl bottle of gin created to your own recipe
  • Drinks throughout (or non-alcoholic alternatives)
  • Celebrate becoming a distiller with a surprise cocktail
  • Opportunity to browse the distillery shop
Please be aware that Challenge 25 is in effect and you may be required to prove your age.
Discovery Tour
13 + years or older (must be accompanied by an adult).  Soft drinks available.
Gin Tasting Masterclass
18 years and older
Gin School Experience
18 years and older

More information

  • Arrival up to 15 minutes in advance
  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair / motorised chair users welcome – advance notice is greatly appreciated – some events (GTM/GS) require adaptation of the environment / reserve limited spaces.  The distillery is situated on a single level with no steps.  There is a dropped curb available next to the property.
    • For more information, download our accessibility guide here
  • Dan and Alan are keen to make your time at the distillery an enjoyable one – please don’t hesitate to drop them an e-mail if you have any questions, requirements or requests.

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"Went back to school yesterday and it was fantastic. We did the Gin School Experience. An excellent start as we were all handed a double gin and tonic from Dan. Alan - the distiller- gave an excellent introduction on the history of gin and distilling in Aberdeen. After some more info the distilling started, along with another G&T. With over 100 different botanicals to choose from, it gets complicated but again Alan was on hand to offer advice. As the distilling got underway, Dan was back on duty giving us tastings of another 5 or 6 flavoured gins. Back to Alan for the final instructions, bottling naming and labelling of our individual bottles. To finish off and celebrate our ‘achievement’ we were handed a gin and Prosecco cocktail! These guys were excellent and certainly know their craft. Definitely worth a visit. ."

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