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With lots to see and explore throughout North East Scotland, this page was created purely for a bit of fun. See how fast you can complete a virtual jigsaw, do a word search, find a new Scottish recipe or learn some interesting facts about the area. Enjoy!


Here is some jigsaw fun with a stunning image by Damian Shields of a Highland Coo, simply click the image to play

Word Search

Simply click the image to play and see how many words you can find.

A Taste of Scotland

Did You Know?

  • The Rowie is the word used in Aberdeen and buttery is the word used in Aberdeenshire. Rowies were originally made for fishermen who needed food that would keep for a fortnight. This also explains why they are so easily shipped worldwide.
  • Aberdeenshire has its fair share of whisky distilleries but did you know that “Angel’s” take their cut from every barrel of distilled spirits!  … No an “Angel’s Share” simply means the amount of distilled spirits lost to evaporation from the barrel or cask into the air as the whisky ages.
  • Did you know that Aberdeen Angus cattle can be black or red in colour although black is the dominant colour
  • Red Deer can be found across Aberdeenshire but did you know that Venison (Deer Meat) is free of carbohydrates and contains fewer calories than beef or even chicken breast. The health benefits of eating venison have seen the market for the meat steadily grow over recent years into a multi-million-pound industry.
  • Cullen skink, one of Scotland’s most famous dishes, is a hearty soup that is traditionally made with smoked haddock, potatoes and onions. Did you know that the name of this soup comes from Cullen, Aberdeenshire. Skink is the Scottish term for a knuckle, shin, or hough of beef, so most soups made from these parts were called a skink.
  • Did you know that the coastline north of Aberdeen, at Cruden Bay, Sanford Bay and Peterhead Harbour are excellent shores to catch mackerel, sea trout, sea bass and many others, while if you head south of Aberdeen then its cod, pollock and coalfish.
  • The fertile fields of the North East of Scotland, including Aberdeenshire produce tasty fruits, berries and delicious vegetables. But did you know that people who eat a lot of fruit need to consume less water. We all know that we should aim to eat your five a day, but did you also know that frozen, tinned, fresh or dried fruit and veg all count !

Light-Hearted Chuckles...

What do you call a peanut in a spacesuit? ….. An astronut!

Why did the tomato turn red? ….. Because it saw the salad dressing! 

Why don’t oranges do well in school?….. Only orange juice can concentrate.

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If you would like to read more about the region then take a look at the “North East Blether”

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