Celebration of The Coronation in Royal Deeside

Royal Deeside has a special place in the heart of King Charles, who has been visiting the area since he was a young boy. The stunning natural beauty of the region, with its rolling hills, sparkling rivers, and picturesque villages, has always captivated him.

Over the years, King Charles has spent countless hours exploring Royal Deeside, hiking its trails, fishing its streams, and meeting its people. 

His love for the area is evident in his ongoing support for local businesses and his commitment to preserving its unique cultural heritage and natural beauty.

To celebrate the coronation of King Charles we invite you to visit this special place to explore and uncover what the area and the wider Northeast of Scotland has to offer for yourself.

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Outdoor adventures in Royal Deeside

Balmoral Castle and Estate  – A private residence of the British royal family located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It has been the summer retreat of the royal family since the reign of Queen Victoria, who fell in love with the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding area. The estate covers an area of approximately 50,000 acres (20,000 hectares) and includes forests, rivers, and mountains. Balmoral Castle and Estate are not only a private residence for the royal family, but also a major tourist attraction, drawing visitors from all over the world who come to experience its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking scenery.

Prince Albert’s Cairn – A prominent landmark located on the Balmoral Estate in Scotland, and has a special connection to King Charles and the royal family. The cairn was built in memory of Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, who was a frequent visitor to the estate. The Cairn Walk is a popular hiking trail that leads visitors to the cairn, and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. King Charles has often been seen hiking the trail, and has spoken publicly about his love for the area and his appreciation for its natural beauty.

Crathie Kirk – A small church located on the Balmoral Estate in Scotland, and has been a place of worship for the royal family for many years. King Charles, who has a deep spiritual connection, has been a regular visitor to the church and has spoken publicly about the comfort and solace he finds there. The church’s connection to the royal family has made it a popular destination for tourists and visitors to the area, who come to experience its rich history and peaceful, reflective atmosphere.


Ballater – A picturesque village located in the heart of Royal Deeside, Scotland, and has a special connection to King Charles. The village has been a favorite holiday destination for the royal family for many years, with King Charles and other members of the family often staying at nearby Balmoral Castle. Ballater is known for its quaint, traditional architecture, stunning natural scenery and outdoor recreational opportunities, such as hiking, fishing, and skiing. Many businesses can also be seen proudly displaying their royal warrants above their premises, which are official endorsements given to companies that supply goods or services to the British royal family.

Loch Muick – A beautiful freshwater lake situated on the Balmoral Estate in Scotland, and has a special connection to King Charles. The lake is surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, and its tranquil waters provide a perfect spot for fishing, boating, and hiking. King Charles has often been seen exploring the area around Loch Muick, and has spoken publicly about his love for the lake and its natural beauty. The area is also popular with tourists, who come to experience the peaceful, reflective atmosphere of this beautiful Scottish lake.

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So whatever you choose to do in the next few weeks and months please do remember to stay safe and continue to follow the Guidance To Protect The Environment, yourself and all our local communities.

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